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"Today+", life log software helps you to record the daily practices and relate pictures and memos to a recorded data.
Write your history with iPhone/iPod touch.


Updated! Jan 11, 2013 (ver1.4.10)

With the support iOS6, iOS4.3 or later is required from this version.
  • Fix bug in TODAY screen.

"Today+" as life log

  • "Today+" is a life log app to time your common practice and record the timed data related to pictures (for iPhone) and memos.
    It is easy to check time management of a day in a circle graph and a trend of accumulated hours and a forecast calculated from cumulative data.
  • STEP.1  Let's time your life for a week.

  • Although "Today+" has some Category by default, let's time your work and life in "Personal Log" Category for a week.
    After the week, you can take a look to yourself from different viewpoint in a life log in "Today+" like a way of time spent in a day, an Activity in which you spent a lot of time, trend forecast from your habit, and trivial things in the instantly forgettable.
  • STEP.2  Let's time anything you want.

  • "Today+" has some Category and Activity by default.
    Ways of “Today+” extends broadly. For example, focusing on one Category to time is for checking a trend and a proportion of Activities in the Category or focusing on one Activity is for checking a trend and an average of spent time in the Activity.
    Furthermore, making and editing your own Category and Activity is very helpful not only for private but also business.

    Life log can be worth compared to someone’s, using as blog contents, forming a new habit or beating a bad habit.

Instinctive! Newly developed "Flick Disk"

  • In "Today+", easy and pleasant selecting operation of an Activity item with a flick, "Flick Disk", revolutionary user interface is developed and loaded.
    Flicking disk, instinctive operation with one hand, is addictive.

Calorie calculation and much more!

  • Timed data can be calculated into amount of money as cost after setting a calculating rate to each Activity.
    Also calculating calories-out and length subtracted from life duration is very helpful.
    Furthermore forecast data as bar-graphs can be displayed when you check bar-graphs of cumulative data in landscape mode.

Pseudo-background processing

  • "Today+" will duplicate the status before this app is closed for other applications when it launch, as if running in the background, so that user can use iPhone/iPod touch as usual while timing an Activity.
    A badge will be attached to "Today+" icon in this situation.

Default category

  • "Today+" has several categories below by default and you can make your favorite categories.
  • Basic in "Today+"; "life log"

  • [Private act]・・・・for tracking your private life.
    [Work]・・・・・・・・・・for checking your business style.

    Why don't you review the daily life for a more creative job and better life?
    Let's make your time management of a week visualized to find a gap between you in your mind and in reality.
  • Advance in "Today+"; "hobby, your favorite"

  • [Fishing]・・・・・・・・・for records at each point and time.
    [My Lovely Dog]・・for analyzing your dog's nature!
    [My Lovely Baby]・・for growth record of your baby.

    It's sure that the more you get used to "Today+", the more things you want to track like time spent doing your hobby, days of your baby in the growth, time with your dog, etc.
    Use "Today+" and record things you love by time tracking.
    These life logs will be your original contents data.
    Maybe good to put the data in your blog site, if you are blogging.
  • Advance2 in "Today+"; "forming a new habit"

  • [Routine:IT Engineer]

    In the next place, visualize yourself in the future; a half year later, a year later.
    Compare your future life to your current life.
    Then, what would you think of it?
    To be more creative; to be healthier; to be happier; to be a man/woman making effective use of time, let's start forming a new pattern in your daily life.
  • Advance3 in "Today+"; "beating a bad habit"

  • [Keep off smoking]
    [Keep off sweets]

    Hard to stop a bad habit even you realize as it is.
    Let's unveil how much time the bad habits take by "Today+".
    Impact of the result can be the strongest motivation to quit those.
    Is it high time to stop what you have in the mind now with "Today+"?